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About the Barryville Area Arts Association

The BAAA aspires to create a better world by supporting the arts in the Barryville area.  We work to empower artists and satisfy the souls of art lovers.  We promote the use of art as a way to foster acceptance and understanding.  We believe that by learning to appreciate the beauty and diversity of art we may come to appreciate the beauty and diversity in each other.

More specifically, we help design and promote free community events such as art exhibits, discussion groups, and special events. 

Our members are committed to the endeavor of creating.  We are an eclectic mix of painters and potters; designers and sculptors; digital and traditional media; writers and musicians; performers and photographers; filmmakers and quilters; and impossible-to-describe. We are natives and transplants; full-timers and part timers; city hardened and country reprieved; long- time professionals and emerging creators; art lovers and donors.

The BAAA was established in 2006 as a diverse group of artists and art enthusiasts, who have joined together for the purpose of fostering and supporting an already vibrant local arts community.  In May of 2015, we were approved for IRS 501 (c) 3 non-profit status.

Membership is free.


BAAA Member Application


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___Id like more information on volunteering to help with public relations, grant-writing, curating, fundraising, or special projects.

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Please cut and paste your info and send it in an e-mail to or return it by mail to PO Box 233, Barryville, NY 12719.

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