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The Train Collection--June 2, 2018 4 - 6 PM

America is fascinated by trains, and nothing has influenced the appearance and character of our local area like the railroad.  The ghosts of railroads past are seen on both sides of the Delaware River, in just about every town and hamlet.

“The Train Collection” is an event and exhibit that celebrates the railroad and this local history.  The Event is featuring speakers from the Shohola Railroad and Historical Society, as well as the Train Collectors Association. 

“The Great Shohola Train Wreck of 1864” will be the subject of a brief presentation by George Fluhr of the Shohola Railroad and Historical Society.   Among the 60 people killed aboard the 18 car train were Confederate prisoners of war and Union guards.

Then Tom Keegan of the Train Collectors Association will make a brief presentation, and answer questions on the toy train collecting hobby.  “Stamps and coins just sit around and don’t do anything,” Tom explains.  “You can PLAY with trains, and be transported back to the happiest times of your life.”  His presentation will include a live demonstration of some of his prize possessions.

It’s all happening on June 2, 2018, from 4 – 6 PM, at the Artists’ Market Community Center, 114 Richardson Avenue, Shohola, PA.  The Exhibit will be up until June 21.  Sponsored by the Barryville Area Arts Association, with generous support from the Barbara J Buchanon Fund administered by the Greater Pike Community Foundation.

In The Works...

Our grass roots approach invites all members of the community to get involved in our projects at any stage of development.  Our monthly meetings are open to the public, so please join us.  Here's some of what we're working on:

Plein Air 2018--With the help of grants from both sides of the Delaware River, BAAA has sponsored highly successful plein air events for the several years now.  Up next is, "Plein Air dans la Village".  While our past events have all focused on landscapes, this project includes a community painting party on June 30, 2018, where the historic buildings of Milford, PA will be our subjects.  We'll have a reception in July to show off the creations.  For more info  CLICK HERE

And thanks to a grant facilitated through the Delaware Valley Arts Association, we'll also have four 2018 Plein Air events on the New York side of the River. 

Plein Air dans le Jardin is scheduled for June 21 at Hestia's Garden in North Branch, NY.  Designed by Darlene Midlang to nurture body and soul, the perennial, vegetable, and herb gardens are ensconced in eight acres of meadows and woods.  

There is an orchard, and wandering paths that will take the explorer to Buck Brook Creek and the old pond stocked with fish. The planted berms hold primarily native plants and were created using lasagna gardening techniques.  The vegetable garden is a series of circles, suggesting a mandala.  

As always, we'll have art supplies and facilitators for beginners, and experienced artists are welcome to bring their own.  There are so many beautiful ways to frame the landscapes, you'll be hard pressed to settle on a place to set up.  This event is July 21, 2018, from 9 - 3 o'clock (July 22 Rain Date).  Space is limited to 15 artists. To register or for more info CLICK HERE

Life Is Not A Picnic--This outdoor event with a picnic theme is scheduled for July 7, 2018.  Event Coordinator: Alexis Siroc

Coney Island in Shohola--On August 4, it's a Freak Show with live exhibits, live music, and maybe even a Mermaid Parade!  Event Coordinator: Rose Chateau



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